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Turkish carpets, authentic 560 gold

Turkish carpets, authentic 560 gold
Turkish carpets, authentic 560 gold
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  • Brand: alasalt
  • Model: الاصالة
  • Weight: 1.00kg
  • Location: الرياض
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Turkish rugs, originality, acrylic wool, twisted thread, first class

Thread type
acrylicAcrylic wool is a first toast marrow thread
SecurityGuarantee of twenty years of discoloration
Density stitches
Number of stitchesMillion stitches per square meter
The thickness is the height of the pile14 ml
Ways to use
Ways to useUsing carpet correctly needs little attention; There are different ways to place it properly, as the carpet performs several functions, including filling the empty spaces in the room, and adding a beautiful view to it, especially if its colors match the colors of the furniture. The American website "houzz" specializing in the world of decoration mentioned that there are 4 easy and simple ways to use decoration within the general shape of the room, namely:1- Use the carpet to be the focal point in your room, because it can leave a great impact on the decor of the room, and to do so, you can paint the walls of the room in one of the colors in the carpet.2- Use the rug to define or separate spaces, such as places to sit and eat.3- If more than one carpet is used, different sizes of carpet must be used, not just one size.4- Hang carpets on the walls.

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